Setting up NFS shared in Mac OS X

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Last Updated   4/27/2017
Products   A-400, A-410, VTEN, VTEN-U, A-500, A-500U, A-500 Pro, A-500 Pro-U

Follow below steps to setup NFS shard in MAC OS X 

1. Open up a command terminal

2. Create shared folder path 

sudo nano /etc/exports

and add in your shared path into exports file as below example


3. Check the correctness of exports file 

sudo nfsd checkexports

4. Start the NFS server

sudo nfsd enable

Follow below steps to browse NFS shared from Popcorn Hour device

1. Access "Networked Media" at Home screen

2. Choose the "Networked Browser"

3. Click on the NFS shared IP address to access the shared folder