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How to recover Popcorn Hour VTEN-U from firmware update failure with fail-safe kernel?
Article ID   1167
Type   FAQ
Last Updated   12/29/2016
Products   VTEN-U
 Follow these instructions to recover the Popcorn Hour VTEN-U if the firmware update fails.

This method is only applicable for the Popcorn Hour VTEN-U.

1. Download the following zip file:
2. Unzipping the archieve to recovery-image.bin
2. Copy recovery-image.bin file into the root of a USB thumbdrive (must be format to FAT32 or NTFS file system only).
3. Connect the Popcorn Hour VTEN-U to a TV through the HDMI output.
4. Power up the Popcorn Hour VTEN-U.
5. HDMI video will display blue background with "Firmware recovery. Please insert USB"
6. Plug the USB thumbdrive into the Popcorn Hour VTEN-U USB port to start the recovery process.
7. After successful recovery, power cycle will bring it up again to 01-04-151104-25-POP-429-800 firmware.

If steps 1 - 7 stated above fail, follow these instructions:

A. Power down the Popcorn Hour VTEN-U.
B. Insert a jumper as shown below

C. Plug the same HDMI cable into the Popcorn Hour VTEN-U and TV.  If this cable has not been removed since you followed steps 1-7, just leave it plugged in.
D. Power up the Popcorn Hour VTEN-U
E. Remove the jumper when Popcorn Hour logo just appear on screen. Later, you will see HDMI video display blue background with "Updating Firmware. Please insert USB"
F. Follow steps number 6-7 above.
G. After the update process completed, power down the unit when the screen showing a message "rebooting in 10 seconds"
H. Remove USB thumbdrive.
I. Your Popcorn Hour will is now using 01-04-151104-25-POP-429-800 firmware.
J. Plug in desired connectors (HDMI, Network, Optical, etc.) and pat yourself on the back for successfully fixing your Popcorn Hour VTEN-U.

Note: If firmware update stuck at "Formatting" stage for more than 1 minute, try reboot the device and perform the recovery again WITHOUT jumper now.