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Popcorn Hour A-500 Pro/A-500 Pro-U Main Board Removal Guide
Article ID   1176
Type   FAQ
Last Updated   8/3/2016
Products   A-500 Pro, A-500 Pro-U
What do you need?

1) A-500 Pro/A-500 Pro-U
2) Philips head type screw driver

Step 1:

Remove the HDD (if you have installed HDD) from casing

Step 2:

Remove only 10 screws shown below from the bottom of the casing

Step 3:

Remove the bottom casing from the main unit

Step 4:

Remove all 8 screws located at back panel

Step 5:

Detach the back panel from casing

Step 6:

Remove the 2 screws inside the deviceĀ 

Step 7:

Detach the front panel from casing

Step 8:

Remove all the 4 screws from the board

Step 9:

Detach the main board from casing

Step 10:

Disconnect the Power connector from the board in order to separate the back panel

Step 11:

Disconnect the SATA Cables from the board in order to separate the board from main unit